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The Research of Micro-lecture in the Teaching of Nursing English

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.085


Yu Zhang, Yancui Cai, Sale Zhang, Yan Sun

Corresponding Author

Yan Sun


The research applied microlecture to traditional nursing English teaching to study the changes after applying mocrolecture to nursing teaching. The main changes are in student initivate and achievement. Students learn professional knowledge of nursing in different countries about nursing philosophy, nursing cultural background, nursing English communicative competence and learning intiative and other changes. The research involves the selection of the same grade, the same level of nursing undergraduate students as the research object, a set of the traditional teaching, and another group of micro class + traditional teaching, comparison and analysis between the two groups of teaching process and the effect evaluation of different. Micro-lecture, with teaching video as the main line, prominent theme, clear direction and timely feedback, is conducive to stimulate the interest of nursing students in learning nursing English and achieves good learning effect.


Nursing English; Micro-lecture; Discharge formality