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Discussion on Teaching Reform of Mechanical and Electrical Specialty Based on Engineering Education Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.083


Xuehua Jiang, Peijiang Chen

Corresponding Author

Xuehua Jiang


The construction of "new engineering" takes the new economy and new industry as the background and strengthens the innovation consciousness, the engineering idea and the integration of disciplines and specialties. The engineering education accreditation and the "new engineering" construction have the same goal to the talent training. For mechanical and electrical majors, through the engineering education accreditation, according to the international engineer standard, it has important practical significance for improving students' professional ability and professional accomplishment to construct the professional teaching system connected with the engineer system, promote the reform of engineering education teaching mode, and enhance the adaptability of engineering education personnel training to future posts.


Engineering education accreditation; Mechanical and electrical major; Teaching reform; Integration of industry and education