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Application of Computer Simulation Technology in the Experiment Teaching of Automobile Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.082


Peijiang Chen, Hu Han, Zhipeng Li, Xueyin Yang and Liying Wu

Corresponding Author

Peijiang Chen


Automobile theory is an important core course for automobile majors which has the characteristics of both theory and practice. Practice teaching is an important teaching link. However, some schools are limited by the hardware conditions so that there are some problems, such as inadequate experimental items and few experimental opportunities for students. The advantages of computer simulation technology in practical teaching aiming at this situation are analyzed, and the application of Matlab simulation software in automobile theory experiment teaching is discussed. The combination of real vehicle experiment and software simulation can effectively solve the problem of insufficient experimental conditions and improve students’ interest and enthusiasm for learning, thus effectively improving the teaching effect.


Computer simulation; Automobile theory; Experiment teaching; Matlab