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Research on Project-Driven Teaching Model of Terminology Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.079


Jun Yu, Lu Lu and Zhaohui Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhaohui Wang


In the age of artificial intelligence, the language service industry has entered a completely new era with greatly changed translation model. Neural machine translation (also known as AI translation) is increasingly used in the translating process by professionals and students. Although AI translation quality has been greatly improved, mistakes still exist when it comes to terminology translation. In this paper, we probe into terminology translation teaching from the perspective of translation technology, especially AI translation, and put forward a project-driven teaching model of terminology translation with a detailed discussion of project tools and project procedures. It’s found that students need to enhance terminological competence, technological competence and cultural awareness, and suggestions are given in these aspects.


Project-Driven; Teaching model; Terminology translation