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Discussion on the Development of Public Aesthetic Education Curriculum in Colleges and Universities in the Perspective of Education Internationalization

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.077


Lin Zhan, Yun Peng

Corresponding Author

Lin Zhan


Beauty is complex, so aesthetic education is not something that can be easily completed in certain curriculum in colleges and universities. The aesthetic education in public aesthetic education curriculum in colleges and universities should guide students to understand and experience the style, essence and rules of beauty, provide students with aesthetic channels to observe the world, and understand life. It integrates cultural resources that are based on China's position in the international perspective and meet the needs of society and the individual development of students into specific teaching work, and plays the effectiveness of resources from multiple cultures, multiple nationalities, and multiple regions to achieve "educating students with beauty" and "educating students with morality", to train high-level international talents with multicultural literacy.


Aesthetic education; Public curriculum; Education internationalization; Quality education