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Socio-Philosophical Exposition of the Functioning of Large-Scale Economic Systems

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.073


Aibulat R. Yanguzin, Oleg A. Filippov, Albina A. Petrogradskaya, Dmitriy A. Karev and Tatiana S. Cherevichenko

Corresponding Author

Aibulat R. Yanguzin


The modern economic system is a multifactor bunch of stochastic formations whose determinism cannot be quantified due to the high uncertainty factor and synergetic consequences of the functioning of such systems. Obviously, from the time of Adam Smith, the postulates of the functioning of the economy as a whole require rethinking in order to understand the nature of processes and the formation of appropriate methods for studying processes. The deconstruction of the categorical and conceptual framework of the modern economic system is the requirement of the qualitative and quantitative transformations of modern society. The article discusses the systemic organization and content of the model of functioning of modern large-scale economic systems, as bearers of new traditions of economic knowledge.


Economic system; Deconstruction; System organization; Game theory; Noncooperative; Asymmetric; Nonzero sum