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Economic Evaluation of Labor Productivity of Managers in Joint-Stock Companies

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.070


Stanislav V. Lunin, Alexey N. Churakov, Nail Kh. Kashaev, Natalia V. Spasskaya and Yulia Z. Bogdanova

Corresponding Author

Stanislav V. Lunin


The development of forms of economic activities increases the importance of management functions as a strategic resource in the functioning of an economic entity. Methodologically, the problem of evaluating of the effectiveness of personnel management is that a direct result of the work of a Manager is the elements of the information environment, but not reified product of labor. There is the methodical task of evaluation of the work of a Manager according to quantitative criteria that have absolute and not relative value. The article considers the question of how to evaluate the effectiveness of labor management personnel of the company through quantifying the value of changes in the cost of capitalization of the business entity.


Capitalization; Fundamental value; Fair value; Economic value added; Stock value added