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A Study on the Application of the Flipped Classroom Model in Contemporary Teaching of Operatic Ensemble Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.066


Ge Yu

Corresponding Author

Ge Yu


It has a long history in the teaching of vocal music to offer operatic ensemble course in professional music colleges. At present, this course is generally offered in the music departments (academies) of various universities and colleges. In the teaching of vocal music in China, this course has played a significant role in stabilizing vocalization techniques, enhancing the musicality of multiple parts, and expanding stage performance. With the development of the times, in the context of rich contemporary network resources, the teaching methods of this course should also be reconsidered and explored in today's information society and scientific and technological means, so as to enhance its adaptability to the times and improve the teaching effect. This paper applies the flipped classroom teaching model to teaching based on MOOC's teaching platform, takes one-semester course teaching as an example, and redesigns the traditional teaching mode. Such teaching reform has obviously improved teaching efficiency, enhanced teaching effects, and had a positive and profound impact on students' learning ability.


Operatic ensemble; Flipped classroom; Curriculum design