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To Improve the Effectiveness of the Whole Book Reading Teaching in High School Chinese-Taking Reading Teaching of Earthbound China as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.064


Caixia Zhang

Corresponding Author

Caixia Zhang


The 2017 edition of Chinese curriculum standards for ordinary senior high school takes the whole book reading as a learning task group throughout the three years of senior high school, and it is one of the 18 learning task groups. The importance of the whole book reading is self-evident. This paper will use the literature research method, starting from the necessity of the whole book reading teaching, taking Earthbound China reading teaching as an example, specifically from the correct attitude, to stimulate interest, repeated reading, problem awareness, task-driven and achievement. Moreover, the six processes are evaluated to explore the strategies to improve the whole book reading teaching of high school Chinese.


The whole book reading teaching; Earthbound China; High school Chinese; Thinking; An effective strategy