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Thoughts on the Construction of Teachers' Performance Evaluation System in Private University

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.063


Liyun Han

Corresponding Author

Liyun Han


Private universities have also shifted from large-scale development to connotative quality development, and gradually regard the teaching staff as an important part of school construction and development. The establishment of a scientific and reasonable performance evaluation system for teachers in private colleges, the objective evaluation of teachers' work and the reward and punishment of teachers are the important means to improve the teaching staff and the level of education and teaching in private universities, and are also the guarantee to enhance the competitiveness of schools. This paper analyzes the top-level design of the performance evaluation of private college teachers from the three aspects -- school development positioning, teacher development, and student growth, based on the goals and targets of performance evaluation of private college teachers. The specific evaluation indicators of evaluation, social service, and evaluation of teacher ethics, and the construction and design of an evaluation index system have important reference significance for the performance evaluation of private universities and the development of teachers.


Private colleges; Teachers; Performance evaluation; Application