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Thinking on the Application of Big Data in Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.062


Guangliang Zhu

Corresponding Author

Guangliang Zhu


As vocational education with the same important status as general education, it has become the focus of China's education reform. The use of big data technology to promote the development of vocational education, the construction of a modern vocational education system, and the realization of modernization of vocational education have become the consensus of the industry. This article starts with the connotation of big data and the positioning of vocational education, analyzes the changes brought about by big data to vocational education, summarizes the impact of big data technology on vocational education, and proposes several measures for the use of big data in vocational education. It has certain reference value for further development of vocational education and construction of vocational education system.


Big data; Vocational education; Informatization teaching; Process evaluation