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A Survey of Tai Chi Learning Motivation for Ordinary University Freshmen

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.060


Shengxia Liu, Lelan Zhao, Yuying Long

Corresponding Author

Shengxia Liu


Survey of college students' participation in the present situation of students' motives of Tai Chi, provides a good recommendation Tai Chi teaching and curriculum reforms in the future in accordance with their aptitude. 200 non-sport major college freshmen in Jiangxi Normal University Tai Chi were investigated in terms of learning motivation, through the processing and analysis of the results of the questionnaire and the article finds out the factors that affect the motivation of students participating in Tai Chi exercise and results are as follows:(1) Students’ understanding and awareness of correct Tai Chi theory framework is a motivation for Tai Chi exercise.(2) In terms of intrinsic motivation, girls tend to be motivated by interest and appearance, while boys tend to focus on social motives, motives and interested motives.


Tai Chi; Learning motivation; College students' exercise; Present situation investigation