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Research Review on Trade Liberalization and Facilitation of FTZ

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.058


Lingwen Wang, Hanlin Chen

Corresponding Author

Hanlin Chen


Based on the development experience of global economies, the construction of free trade zones will help to strengthen the connection between local trade and international economical trade rules, so as to improve economic freedom and regional internationalization, and create an attractive domestic investment environment. Through consulting relevant literature, the author found that most researches on China's free trade zones focus on China's coastal areas, especially Shanghai, Tianjin. Moreover, the research on China's newly established third and fourth batch of free trade zones is not comprehensive enough, and there is no overall systematic research on the development orientation of China's free trade parks. To make better study on the role of FTZ in promoting regional economic development and to explore the general development direction of China's free trade zones, this paper will make a detailed summary of the research related to FTZ trade liberalization and trade facilitation from three aspects -- tax preferences, investment access and supervision mechanism. In addition, the author summarizes development experience of free trade parks at home and abroad on the basis of the research review, and make further research in the field of establishing free trade zones in a better and fast way.


FTZ (Free Trade Zone); Trade liberalization; Trade facilitation