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Discussion and Practice on the Teaching Reform of Advertising Specialty Based on Collaborative and Innovative Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.057


Yun Peng, Lin Zhan

Corresponding Author

Yun Peng


The demand for talents in advertising industry and the adjustment of specialties in local colleges and universities have prompted the teaching reform in advertising specialty. Since 2013, the teaching reform of advertising specialty centered on "collaborative innovation" thinking has started in Wuhan Institute of Technology, which is based on consolidating the basic ability, developing the comprehensive quality, strengthening the practical ability and improving the social service ability. A well-structured training system for advertising talents with practical courses as the main line, theoretical courses as the link, as well as new science, new technologies and regional characteristics as the framework has been established. The teaching reform has achieved remarkable results, and the quality of talent training has been improved remarkably.


Advertising; Teaching reform; Collaborative innovation; Thinking orientation