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Tourism Promotion of Traditional Villages in Foshan under the Background of Supply-Side Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.048


Chunshu Liang

Corresponding Author

Chunshu Liang


Supply-side reform is the only way for the transformation and promotion of tourism in traditional villages. Based on the supply-side reform, the author takes the traditional villages in Foshan as an example to study ways to improve the tourism of traditional villages. Based on the current situation of tourism development and supply of traditional villages in Foshan, combined with the questionnaire survey data, the article points out the problems existing in the tourism development of traditional villages in Foshan, and puts forward some suggestions for promoting the development of tourism in traditional villages in Foshan. Foshan should pay attention to the core needs of tourists and retain the "original ecology" of traditional villages by properly dealing with the problems of protection and development, protection and innovation, and the departure and retention of the original residents. Foshan should build a regional joint community, take the road of joint development, solve the serious problem of homogenization, take the road of industrial integration, improve the structure of tourism products, promote the upgrading of traditional village tourism, improve the village infrastructure and the satisfaction of tourists.


Supply-side reform; Tourism in traditional villages; Foshan; Original ecology