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Research on Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Mode of Landscape Architecture Specialty Under The Training Mode of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.047


Fahui Liang, Yi Liu, Hairong Liu, Yanyu Shi, Huiqin Liu

Corresponding Author

Yi Liu


Due to the progress of science and technology, the digital age had arrived, which brought new changes to the garden planning and design methods, and brought new requirements to the garden professional innovation and entrepreneurship talent training. Virtual simulation experiment teaching method could use virtual technology to simulate the scene, and could realize the application of digital technology in the garden. According to the requirements of the innovation and development of landscape architecture, the teaching method of virtual simulation experiment was tried in this paper, and the teaching characteristics, teaching contents and teaching methods of the simulation experiment were explored. The important role of digital technology in garden practice were focused on in this paper, which played an important role in improving students' enthusiasm, design ability and problem-solving ability.


Virtual simulation platform; Analysis and simulation experiment; Digital technology