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Research on the Integration and Innovation of College Art Education and Ideological and Political Education based on Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.042


Yan Liu, Li Wang

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


In the context of the era of big data, the integration and innovation of university education models and big data on the Internet has become a general trend. The teaching goals and talent training plans of art education and ideological and political education in colleges and universities have the same purpose, so a new education and teaching method is envisaged, and ideological and political education and art education are integrated and developed. Redesigning the education system around Internet data, exploring effective ways to integrate ideological and political education into college art education curricula can prompt the educational effect of college art education, and help contemporary college students form a good aesthetic ability. This article will study the current situation of art education, the significance of the times and effective methods. The integration of ideological and political education has certain guiding significance for the development of future art education models.


Internet; Art education; Ideological and political education