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Relying on “Next-Generation Information Technology” to Build the Core Competitiveness of Logistics Cost Control

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.027


Songqin Ye, Jin Huang

Corresponding Author

Jin Huang


This topic will take the special nature of the logistics industry into account, and make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the impact of big data and cloud computing on the cost management of the logistics industry. This article analyzes from the perspective of logistics cost management, finds out the factors that affect the logistics cost of SF Express and its effects, and gives corresponding opinions on how to improve production efficiency, so that it can be used as a reference for other logistics companies' cost management. In the context of Next-Generation Information Technology, big data, intelligence, mobile Internet and cloud computing technologies have become the powerful technology engine rooms for logistics companies' transformation and upgrading, and they have become important guarantees for logistics companies to reduce costs and establish competitive advantages. In the era of "Next-Generation Information Technology", the construction of big data platforms can not only help them open up the market, but also reduce logistics costs and increase competitiveness. Therefore, seizing the opportunity of the times and integrating the technology of “Next-Generation Information Technology” into the business has become an inevitable choice for logistics companies.


Next-Generation information technology; Cost control; Big data; SF Express