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Security Management of Laboratory Door Lock Application Based on Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.026


Wendong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Wendong Zhao


This paper introduces the design and development of laboratory access control system based on radio frequency identification technology. The existing door locks are relatively old-fashioned door locks. The management of door locks and keys is cumbersome and unsafe. Not automated enough it may lead to the loss of keys and the failure to start the course normally, or the failure to close the door locks and lead to the unsafe classroom. To solve these problems, we design a relatively automated laboratory access control management system to solve these problems. It can realize the functions of swiping cards in and out of the laboratory, record the entry and exit of personnel, modify the access rights of personnel by administrators, and open the door lock by one key in the background. The realization of these functions can improve the security of laboratory door lock, enhance the manageability of laboratory door lock and multi-purpose card can simplify the key storage.


Security management; RFID; Access control system; Management authority; Reading records