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Research on the Talent Training Model of Mechatronics Major under the Modern Apprenticeship

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.021


Junyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Junyan Zhang


With the continuous improvement and progress of China's economic capacity and scientific and technological level, the manufacturing industry has been vigorously developed, and there is a lack of professional talents in various enterprises. The cultivation of technical talents in vocational education has become an urgent problem. We learn from advanced foreign experience and gradually adopt the modern apprenticeship talent training method, which promotes the quality of higher vocational students' graduation, because in ordinary teaching, they can get started and experience what they have learned. The problem is more prominent in the major of mechatronics. Students must rely on a lot of practical work before they can make a great improvement. Taking the mechatronics major as an example, this article discusses the talent training model under the modern apprenticeship system.


Talent training model; Mechatronics major; Modern apprenticeship