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Pedagogical Aspects of Formation of an Adaptive Educational Environment in Preparing the Labor Resources of Economic Systems

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.020


Olga Yu. Elchaninova, Sergey I. Atmachev, Vadim N. Goncharov, Olga Yu. Kolosova and Elena V. Goverdovskaya

Corresponding Author

Olga Yu. Elchaninova


Socio-cultural changes in modern society form such conditions, that elements of the educational environment should be adaptive to adjust the effective implementation of the educational process in the formation of human resources for the needs of the economic systems of the country. The efficiency of the entire socio-economic system of the country is directly connected with the training of qualified personnel, which form the gross domestic product and added value. The article renews the issue of neuropedagogy in relation to the modern conditions of work environment. The authors identified the factors and proposed an updated model of the workforce development for the needs of the country's economic complex.


Neuropedagogy; Educational environment; Human resources; Productivity; Added value; Post-industrialism