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On Translation of Business Contract by Youdao

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.015


Pengfeng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Pengfeng Zhang


With the development of economic globalization, trades and economic activation occur more frequently than ever before. English business contract is an important part of international trades to safeguard the rights and obligations for both sellers and buyers. Contract translators can use translating software to increase their translation efficiency. Youdao, as a helpful online translating software, is widely used by business contract translators. The paper, on lexical and syntactic levels, analyzes the translation of business contracts by Youdao. It has been found that Youdao can handle some specific terms and declarative sentences without making serious mistakes. But it fails to distinguish the differences between some terms in single and plural forms, as well as fails to adjust the sentences order accordingly when it comes to translate passive voice sentences, conditional sentences and lengthy sentences.


Translation; Business contract; Youdao