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Research on Accounting Application from the Perspective of Blockchain

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.011


Xiaoxue Lei, Zejie Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxue Lei


The purpose of this study is to research on accounting application from the perspective of blockchain. We use the methods of literature review. Through the literature review, we explains the essence of blockchain technology and compares it with traditional database, and then analyzes the advantages, features and challenges of "blockchain + accounting". The results show that blockchain has the advantages and features of decentralization, no tampering, intelligent contract, and it has the chanllanges of technical risks, talents demand, huge cost of establishing a new system. Therefore, with the progress of technology, we believe that the challenges will be solved one day in the future, and blockchain technology will be widely applied in the accounting field to promote the innovation of the accounting and the progress of the times.


Blockchain; Accounting; Application