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Problems and Strategies of Oral English Teaching for College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.057


Li’na Zhao, Xinyu Dong

Corresponding Author

Li’na Zhao


The requirements of oral English teaching in colleges are becoming more and more important: through listening, speaking, reading, writing and reading activities, Students need to further understand the information expressed in oral and written texts, and create new texts by using the knowledge we have learned through oral expression. Now most teachers do not pay attention to oral English teaching, students are weak in foundation and lack self-confidence, unwilling to communicate face-to-face in English. In the long run, students have lost their curiosity and interest in English, and their oral communication ability has become increasingly low. In English teaching, teachers should change their roles, with students as the main body and teachers as the assistant, actively encourage students to play their initiative and enthusiasm, cultivate students oral communicative competence, create a relaxed and lively classroom atmosphere, build a reasonable oral communication situation, encourage students to speak, and gradually eliminate students’ anxiety. Improve the teaching effect, enhance students’ communicative competence, and meet the requirements of the new national curriculum standards. This thesis focuses on teachers and students, through questionnaires, interviews and other forms to understand the current situation of students’ oral English, and deeply explores how to make students speak English and improve their oral English expression ability.


Problems; countermeasures; oral English teaching; college students