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Research on Construal Ways for Idioms Variation of Modern Chinese and English based on Construction Grammar Theory and Construal Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.051


Yan Gu

Corresponding Author

Yan Gu


Idioms are the quintessence of spoken language and classic works, with strong national color and bright cultural connotation. They are the crystallization of the wisdom of the masses and the treasure of language. The variation of English and Chinese idioms shows great difference in phonetic features and lexical selection of idiomatic alienation; while in terms of semantic and pragmatic features, they are common. Guided by the construction grammar theory and construal theory, from the five aspects of "detailedness, jurisdiction, background, perspective, highlighting" proposed by Langacker, this topic deeply comprehends the construal ways of Chinese and English idiom variation, accurately grasps the profound connotation of idioms, plays a role in rhetoric, translation and pragmatics, and provides people with intercultural communication skills.


Construction grammar theory; construal theory; Chinese and English; idioms variation; construal ways