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Research on Paths of Infiltrating Emotional Education in Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.047


Lijun Sun

Corresponding Author

Lijun Sun


Music teaching infiltrates emotional education, which conforms to the basic concept of quality education, can effectively cultivate students' musical aesthetic ability, stimulate students' interest in music learning, and comprehensively cultivate students' comprehensive quality. This article is guided by the basic theory and follows the principles of "development of intelligence and cultivation of emotions, integration of artistic enthusiasm and skill and skills, adaptation of emotional and educational means, and appreciation of appreciation and performance creation". The paper also puts forward the path of "strengthening the sensory stimulation of students, constructing a lively teaching situation, guiding students' emotional presentation with problems, strengthening the emotional input and emotional ability of music teachers, and carrying out rich and colorful practical activities". These measures are all to play an important role in the music teaching, and help the music teaching reform.


Music teaching; emotional education; principles; paths