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Research and Application on College English Vocabulary Teaching based on Mind Map

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.044


Shuhong Ling

Corresponding Author

Shuhong Ling


Vocabulary is the basic unit of language, which maintains both speech and grammar and is important for understanding language and verbal output. There are many problems in the current college English vocabulary teaching. The teaching mode based on mind map is an effective method to solve these problems. Based on constructivism theory, knowledge visualization theory and cognitive processing hierarchy theory, this paper analyzes the basic characteristics of mind map, studies the structure of English vocabulary mind map, and gives the ideas of college English vocabulary mind map. Making full use of mind maps can stimulate learners' initiative and creativity. While improving the effectiveness of English vocabulary learning, it also promotes the learners' thinking ability and learning ability.


Mind map; college English; vocabulary teaching; research and application