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Exploration on College English Teaching Reform under the Idea of Autonomous Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.042


Xiuhui Hao

Corresponding Author

Xiuhui Hao


As a new teaching mode, autonomous learning is widely used in language teaching, which not only frees teachers from busy work, but also satisfies students' individualized learning needs. Based on humanism theory, cognitive theory and constructivism theory, this paper analyzes the implementation process of college English teaching independent learning, and studies the college English teaching methods and teaching reform points under the concept of independent learning. Teaching methods include: communicative teaching method, action-oriented teaching method, situational teaching method, project teaching method, and emotional teaching method. Key points of teaching reform include: shifting the focus of teaching from "teaching" to "learning", changing student roles, changing teacher roles, conducting diversified evaluations, and creating a rich language learning environment.


Autonomous learning; college English; teaching reform; implementation process; teaching methods; main points of reform