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Research on Strategies of English Translation Teaching in Cross-cultural Context

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.041


Yan Cong

Corresponding Author

Yan Cong


Translation is a bridge of communication between different cultures. If translation lacks language and culture, it will lead to pragmatic failure or lack of beauty. Only by strengthening the study of English translation and English culture can students fully understand the charm of English language. The teaching of English translation in cross-cultural context can break the thinking pattern of Chinese culture, strengthen the influence of English culture, and improve the ability of cross-cultural communication. In view of the current situation of English translation teaching in cross-cultural context, the following teaching strategies are proposed: Carrying out two-way cultural teaching, creating British and American cultural context, scientifically choosing the strategies of domestication and translation, giving full play to the advantages of modern educational technology, strengthening translation practice teaching, building a professional English translation teaching team.


Cross-culture; context; English translation; teaching strategies