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Reference and Innovation on Discourse Strategy of Western Ecofeminism Literary Criticism

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.040


Yan Liu, Hui Li

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


Aiming at the westward ecofeminism literary criticism and the realistic predicament of Chinese female writing, this paper puts forward the specific content of the Westward ecofeminism literary criticism discourse strategy and innovation based on the westward ecofeminism literary criticism theory system: constructing a multi-disciplinary literary criticism concept; based on the localization of ecofeminism literary criticism, do not follow the followers of Western theory; eliminate the binary opposition between man and nature, and construct a cultural value system that conforms to the characteristics of the times; advocating the return of situational discourse, making literary research move towards a broader ecological perspective; establishing the awareness of ecological equality and introducing ecofeminism literary criticism into literary creation; discover outstanding works in traditional literature and reshape the classics of ecofeminism literature.


Westward ecofeminism literary criticism; discourse strategy; reference and innovation