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Research on College English Practice Teaching Based on OBE Ideas

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.039


Tingting Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tingting Zhang


College English practice teaching based on OBE idea is of great significance for cultivating high-quality applied talents with practical application ability and innovative spirit. This paper focuses on the problems of “the phenomenon of disconnected practice teaching, the weak training facilities and practice base, the lack of attention to the practical teaching links, and the lack of systematic of the practical teaching system”. The teaching system consists of “practical teaching objectives, practical teaching content, practical teaching platform, practical teaching methods, and practical teaching evaluation”. And put forward the reform measures such as "establishing the teaching practice mode of production and education based on OBE idea, developing teaching practice methods based on OBE network interactive learning platform, and constructing developmental teaching evaluation methods that are compatible with OBE idea".


OBE ideas; college English; practical teaching; system; measures