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Research on Critical Thinking Cultivation in College English Writing Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.038


Haiyan Sun

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Sun


Critical thinking is an important part of the overall quality of college students, and writing is the most effective course to cultivate critical thinking. The English writing process can be divided into the preparation stage, the writing stage and the feedback stage. It has different applications at different stages, which enhances the effectiveness of the analysis, enhances the logic of writing, and determines the individualization of writing. Combined with relevant research results, this paper proposes the following training strategies: multi-channel integration of various English writing teaching resources, guiding students to critically examine the article's intentions, guiding students to master the correct use of article arguments, imparting writing knowledge and cultivating criticality. The combination of thinking ability and the teaching process actively guide students to think critically.


English writing teaching; critical thinking; intension; functions; effects; strategies