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Research on Teaching Reform of Inter-school Study Mode for Japanese Grammar

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.037


Yajie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yajie Zhang


Inter-school study is a new type of teaching management model, which can improve the utilization rate of teaching resources, and become an important measure to balance the shortage of teaching resources between colleges and universities, reduce the cost of running schools and promote resource sharing. Japanese grammar is both an important part of teaching and a part that is difficult to grasp and understand. Aiming at the lack of ignoring and ignoring the status quo of grammar teaching in many university Japanese teachers, through the detailed investigation and analysis, the teaching reform plan of the "Japanese grammar" inter-school study mode is proposed: improving the teaching management policy of inter-school study and playing a boutique the role of online open courses, the use of the "two-line method" teaching model, the construction of a comprehensive information management platform for inter-school study, and the creation of a benign communication mechanism for inter-school study management.


Japanese grammar; inter-school study; teaching mode; reform programmes