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Research on Security Risk Precautionary Strategies of Accounting Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.035


Jiuling Tian

Corresponding Author

Jiuling Tian


Accounting informationization can improve the level of accounting work and ensure the scientific nature of every decision. In the development of accounting informationization has also appeared a series of security risks, affecting its further application, sometimes will cause significant losses. This paper focuses on the risk types of development technology, data processing, hacker attack and information system, and follows the prevention principles of authenticity, integrity, economy, system and dynamics. Specific prevention strategies are proposed: Paying attention to the network information security of accounting information, improving the comprehensive quality of accounting information personnel, improving data security awareness and data protection technology, building an accounting information security risk control center, strengthening the maintenance of accounting information system software.


Accounting informationization; security risk; risk types; precautionary principles; precautionary strategies