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Research on the Development Countermeasure of Key Competencies in the System of Postgraduate Education and Cultivation Process in Universities under the New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.029


Jing Wu

Corresponding Author

Jing Wu


The integration and development of key competencies in the postgraduate education system can provide a precise and operational reference for the graduate cultivation objectives in colleges and universities. Agricultural colleges and universities should combine the characteristics of postgraduate education to determine the direction of key competencies in the process of postgraduate education system, in order to promote graduate students to actively participate in scientific research activities. This paper mainly takes Jilin Agricultural University as an example. Through analyzing the connotation of key competencies of graduate students, this paper explores the development of key competencies, promotes the comprehensive development of postgraduate students in colleges and universities, and improves the quality of postgraduate education.


New situation; postgraduate cultivation; key competencies; integration