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Visualized Information Graphic Design of Intangible Culture Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.023


Fan Kang

Corresponding Author

Fan Kang


In order to construct a convenient, interesting information graphic design and user interaction system, based on Visualized enhanced display technology, a life application system is development. The system integrates Visualized interactive service module, mobile user terminal module, Web communication service module, and information recording module. The user turns on the mobile user terminal and obtains functional services such as Visualized interactive mode and navigation area introduction. The service information is enter into the information-recording module, and the user selects and records the information via the Web to exchange and share. Experiments display that the application system is convenient and interesting. The results display that the application of the proposed system can satisfy the daily needs of cultural heritage.


AR; graphic design introduction; User interaction system; Visualized interaction service module