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Research on the Cost Accounting under the Transformation of Manufacturing Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.022


Jing Ren, Shuang Guo

Corresponding Author

Jing Ren


With the development of artificial intelligence and high and new technology, China's manufacturing enterprises are facing the development pressure of transformation. Promoting supply-side structural reform and improving innovation capacity are common problems facing manufacturing enterprises. Under such background, accounting as an important decision-making department of the company, also needs to adjust the way of cost accounting to adapt to the development trend. From the perspective of accounting, this paper proposes three new cost accounting methods, namely Activity Based Costing, Life Cycle Costing and Target Costing. This paper first explains the definition of these three cost accounting methods, algorithm steps. And we use specific data to elaborate the algorithm. Finally we analyze the advantages of these three methods and their role in promoting the transformation of manufacturing enterprises.


Activity Based Costing; Life Cycle Costing; Target Costing; manufacturing enterprises