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Xi Jinping’s Thought on Poverty Alleviation is in Multi-ethnic Communities Implementation Individual Case of Social Work in Targeted Poverty Alleviation after Disaster

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.020


Li Debo, Jian Anqi, Qin Ying

Corresponding Author

Li Debo


"Targeted poverty alleviation" is a new strategic thought proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping in the context of the unprecedented complexity and difficulty of China's poverty alleviation and development work. During his investigation in Yunnan province in January 2015, general secretary Xi stressed that poverty alleviation and development should be carried out firmly and economic and social development in ethnic minority areas should be accelerated .Affected by special natural reasons, disasters occur frequently in ethnic minority areas, and problems such as poverty aggravation, poverty return and sharp increase of contradictions among multiple ethnic groups in ethnic minority areas after disasters have become the "hard bone" in the process of targeted poverty alleviation, which seriously hinder the orderly advancement of targeted poverty alleviation policies. Based on the specific cases of poverty alleviation after the "9.08" earthquake in Mojiang and the characteristics of multi-ethnic communities in Mojiang area, we gave full play to the professional advantages of social work and assisted the targeted poverty alleviation work in Mojiang area with the help of empowerment theory, advantages perspective theory, helpful self-help concept professional methods, achieving good implementation results.


Xi Jinping poverty alleviation thought;Social work;Multi-ethnic comunnities; Post-disaster reconstruction;Targeted poverty reduction