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Research on the New Method and Example of Patent Analysis—the Perspective of Patentees

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.015


Shaojie Han, Lining Bao, Liangqi Xu, Yibo Lyu, Jingqin Su

Corresponding Author

Yibo Lyu


In recent years there have been an increasing number of studies adopt the method of patent analysis to analyze the development and trend of technology. However, this kind of patent analysis increasingly fails to meet the needs of the technological competition between enterprises due to the dynamic development of competition and the trend of technology integration. Technology is changing so fast, if just analyze technology itself, it's hard to position the enterprises themselves as well as measure the development of an enterprise’s competitors only with patents. In order to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional patent analyzing method, this paper adopts patent analysis with the technological subject, namely the patentee, as the research unit. For this study, firstly, we use the patentee co-citation method combined with MDS method to derive the coordinates of each patentee. Secondly, we cluster the patentees into several groups. Thirdly, according to the coordinates and the clustering results, we mimic the centroid calculating method in physics to calculate the centroid of each patentee groups and the centroid of the whole network. Finally, we calculate the distance from several typical patentees to the centroids in different time windows to judge the future development direction of the enterprise.


Patent analysis; patentee co-citation; network centroid