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English Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Classics from the Perspective of German Functionalist Translation Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.014


Haiyan Jiang

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Jiang


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medical science that the Chinese people have gradually found and developed in the process of combating disease for thousands of years. As an outstanding representative of the Chinese civilization system, Chinese medicine has rapidly developed in recent years, and it has also achieved certain success in international exchange. The Chinese Medical Fever has continually set off an upsurge in the world. In order to better promote the development of Chinese medicine, we should attach great importance to the translation of Chinese medicine classics. This article mainly analyzes the English translation of TCM classics from the perspective of German functionalist translation theory, hoping to help to promote the development of TCM classics translation work.


German functionalist translation theory; translation of TCM classics; English translation