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A Translation Study on Drug Instructions from the Perspective of the Skopos Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.013


Guo Zikai

Corresponding Author

Guo Zikai


In the current era of progress and economic development, the import and export of drugs have become very common. Drug trade is also increasing in many countries, and countless drugs have entered our country. The most important thing for a drug besides itself is its instructions, which also involves the translation of English instructions. The quality of source text translation determines whether patients can use drugs correctly.The translation of the drug instructions is to make the patient use the drug completely and correctly. A good translation should convey the source language information to patients as accurately as possible under the restriction of culture and space. Therefore, Skopostheorie provides a new theoretical perspective for drug instructions.Based on the functional Skopos theory, this paper chooses the drug instructions of several common drugs and their English translation as the research object, finds out the Chinese and English cultural factors and then make a comparative analysis, deconstructs and analyses their English translation, and sums up their translation strategies, with a view to making some research contributions to the translation of drug instructions and making patients better.


Drug instructions; translation strategies; skopos theory