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On Chinese-English Translation of Public Signs in Hospitals from the Perspective of Communicative Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.012


Chen Chen, Mao Jing

Corresponding Author

Chen Chen


With the development of “the Belt and Road” initiative, a large number of bilingual public signs appear in public service places that represent the city images and embody the degree of globalization. From the current situation, the research on public signs in China focuses on tourism, transportation, catering and other aspects, and the research on the medical public signs is not deep and wide enough. The translation quality of public medical signs in hospitals is not good which not only impedes the normal medical treatment of foreign friends, but also reduces the hospital’s images. According to the communicative translation theory of Peter Newmark, an outstanding English translation theorist, communicative translation theory is applicable to informative and vocative texts, and public signs belong to informative and vocative texts. Therefore, communicative translation theory is an appropriate theoretical choice for guiding public signs.


Medical public signs; communicative translation theory; Chinese-English translation