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Study on the Development Path of Apple Industry in Wanrong County from the Perspective of the Integration of Three industries

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.011


Liyu Zhu, Yichi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Liyu Zhu


In 2015 the central government proposed the coordinated development of three industries in rural areas. Only by improving the mechanism of integrated development in rural areas and, can farmers can share more added value brought by the industries. Based on the current condition of the apple industries in Wanrong county, the essay analyzes advantages and disadvantages of the apple industry in Wanrong in the process of the integrated development of three industries and threats as well as opportunities it has by combining four models of integrated development of apple industry and adopting SWOT method. It also proposes three development paths of the apple industry in Wanrong county form the perspective of the integration of the three industries.


Integration of three industries; Apple industries; SWOT methods; Path analysis