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Research on Evaluation of Regional Sustainable Development Level Based on AHP——Taking Jilin Province as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.010


Ke Li, Yijia Liu

Corresponding Author

Ke Li


Based on the analysis of the status quo of sustainable development in Jilin Province, the comprehensive evaluation index system of sustainable development level in Jilin Province is constructed from three aspects: economic subsystem, social subsystem, and resource environment subsystem. The level of sustainable development in the 8 cities of Jilin Province. The results show that Changchun City, Baishan City, Liaoyuan City, and Songyuan City have reached a sound sustainable development level, and Jilin City, Tonghua City, Baicheng City, and Siping City are generally sustainable development level. Finally, corresponding suggestions are made for the sustainable development level of cities and towns in Jilin Province.


Analytic hierarchy process; regional sustainable development level