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Research on Agricultural After-sales Service in Backward Rural Areas Based on Public-Private Partnership Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.009


Cao Qi, Wang Jihua

Corresponding Author

Cao Qi


With the accelerating pace of China's socialist economic construction, the theory of urban-rural unbalanced development has adapted to the development direction of productivity to a certain extent. Due to the intense radiation and driving effects of cities, coupled with the thoughtful analysis of cost-benefit theory, backward rural areas the labor force has gradually shifted to the city, and the current situation of idle agricultural land and backward agricultural services has emerged. In order to improve the resource utilization rate in relevant rural areas, the rural after-sales service is taken as an example to analyze the problems existing in the agricultural after-sales service in the backward rural areas in China and the economic, social and cultural value created by the agricultural after-sales service in rural areas after the fall of the PPP model. Put forward the PPP operation ideas and operation modes of agricultural after-sales service in backward rural areas.


PPP; agricultural after-sales service