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A Research of Independent Institute’s College English Network Autonomous Learning Strategies: A Case Study of Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2019.002


Qin Hao

Corresponding Author

Qin Hao


With independent colleges’ students’ poor learning foundation and weak self-control characteristics, their performance on using knowledge learning platform of network resources are more inadequate. Therefore, to carry out the independent institutes’ college English teaching research under the multimedia network environment will meet the English teaching reform imperative requirements and play a positive role in promoting and enhancing students’ self-learning ability. The thesis is based on the main theory of learner autonomy, constructivism and humanism. Based on the network platform of “New Horizon English Network Teaching System”, through empirical research, the author focuses on the studying of the learning situation of non-English majors in independent colleges and their use of learning strategies as well. Questionnaires and interviews were used for the case study. The results showed that students can log in the learning system, but with weak self-learning ability and less learning strategies. Teachers have low level network technology and insufficient guidance for students’ independent learning. Therefore, this paper analyzes the factors restricting college English autonomous learning of network platform, explores and proposes related strategies to promote the web-based college English autonomous learning, and help the students to improve their self-learning ability.


College English Teaching; Autonomous Learning; Learning Strategies; Network; Case Study