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Study on the Practical Evaluation Method of Medical Achievements

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.138


Yang Jian, Ruan Peng

Corresponding Author

Ruan Peng


A useful innovation is the need of the society, the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements innovation should put its practical evaluation in an important position, which is the embodiment of in-depth research on the connotation of innovation. Taking medical achievements as an example, this paper analyzes their characteristics and evaluation indexes, expounds the contents, common forms and USES of medical achievements, and qualitatively analyzes the related evaluation indexes. In the end, the paper, patent, monograph, application, achievement award, etc., put forward the mathematical model of quantitative calculation, and elaborated the processing skills of achievement innovation and practical evaluation results. The practical evaluation of achievements can effectively guide the development of r&d personnel towards the direction of application and marketization, make the achievements practical and useful, and help enhance the scientific research personnel's ideology of transformation and promotion of achievements.


Medical achievements; quantitative analysis