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Design of Data Storage and Management System Framework for Big Data for Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.133


Luo Jiawei

Corresponding Author

Luo Jiawei


The Internet of Things is a new network technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. Persistent storage of IoT big data and statistical analysis of the stored data can better manage the IoT system and save IoT applications. cost. However, the big data of the Internet of Things has massive characteristics, and traditional data storage technologies and management systems are difficult to meet actual needs. In addition, the need to quickly find data requires a more efficient new storage architecture. Based on this, this paper designs the DMFS system architecture and file writing process based on the Hadoop file system, and builds a distributed file system for massive small files. An aggregate query data system is designed on the basis of probability-oriented data OLAP, and the type and implementation of the query are designed. Based on the above research, an HDFS dynamic copy management strategy based on fragile storage is proposed.


Internet of things; big data; data storage