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Research on Police Weapon Virtual Simulation Training System

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.131


Jiashan Huang

Corresponding Author

Jiashan Huang


In Order to Improve Police officers’ Capability to Using Gun in Actual Combat, and Meanwhile Solving the Several Accidental Discharge Problems That Occur When the Police Use Weapons Such as Pistols, This Study Develops and Establishes a Distributed Virtual Simulation System Based on Hla and Composed of Multiple Federal Members. the System, with Makvr-Link as the Development Environment, Constructed the Simulation Implementation Model of Each Subsystem That Constitutes the System According to the Federal Development Execution Process, Including the Bullet Trajectory Model and Delaunay Triangulation, and Finally Simulated the Omnidirectional Pistol Training Environment through the Visual Simulation System. after a Series of Tests, It Shows That the Constrained Delaunay Algorithm is More Efficient, and the Error in Using the System for Training is Stabilized within a Certain Range. the Network Communication Time Can Meet the Real-Time Requirements of the System. It Follows That That the System Established in This Study Can Meet the Requirements of Virtual Simulation Design and the Training Need of the Police Force or Police Colleges.


Practical Gun; Bullet Trajectory Model; Delaunay Triangulation; Visual Simulation System; Algorithm Efficiency