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Research on Network Security System Detection Based on Mysql

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.130


Haifeng Fan

Corresponding Author

Haifeng Fan


Mysql Network Database Has the Characteristics of Complete Functions, Simple Operation, High Management Efficiency and High Running Speed, So It is Widely Used, Which Also Puts Forward High Requirements for Security. Mysql is the Most Popular Open Source Sql Database Management System, Mysql Software is an Open Source Software, “Open Source” Means Anyone Can Use and Change the Software. the System Enables Users to Realize Real-Time Detection of Network Security through a Visual Interface, and Records Relevant Information of Intruders for Tracking and Investigation. as a Heterogeneous Open Source Relational Database Management System, Mysql Network Database Uses a Structured Query Language for Database Management. for Online Monitors, They Usually Run Continuously for a Long Time, the Amount of Data is Generally Huge, and the Operating Parameters Need to Be Modified in Real Time during Process Control. Therefore, How to Manage Data Files, Operating Condition Parameters, and Related Information Becomes Particularly Important.


Mysql; Network Security; Real-Time Monitoring; Database Management